TESUP Wizard: Unleash the Power of Wiz-DOM in Renewable Energy Monitoring!

In a world where sustainable living is becoming increasingly important, TESUP continues to revolutionize the clean energy landscape. Our latest innovation, the TESUP Wizard, is a groundbreaking device designed to provide users with real-time wind and solar data monitoring directly on their mobile phones. This compact tool is set to redefine how we monitor and harness renewable energy, making it accessible and affordable for everyone.

How Does It Work?

Simply place the device at your preferred location, integrate add-ons (anemometer, pyranometer, or both), and utilize TESUP Wizard's data to make informed decisions on your ideal energy solution. By tailoring data monitoring to your specific location, the device enhances precision, allowing users to make informed decisions about their energy needs. TW is perfect for assessing data before investing in clean energy products, ensuring that your choices align with your unique environmental conditions.

Unmatched Affordability and Value

TESUP Wizard comes with an unparalleled price tag, providing exceptional value for both existing energy systems and those exploring clean energy options. The affordability of this device opens up the world of renewable energy monitoring to a broader audience, making sustainability a realistic goal for more households.


Seamless Integration with TESUP Anemometer and Pyranometer

TESUP Wizard is designed to seamlessly integrate with TESUP Anemometer and Pyranometer (purchased separately). This integration ensures that users receive precise information about wind and solar conditions, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of the energy potential in a given location.


Compact and User-Friendly Design

The compact and lightweight design of the TESUP Wizard makes it easy to install and mount on the wall. Convenient hook holes on the back facilitate a user-friendly setup, allowing users to effortlessly incorporate the device into their existing energy systems. The TESUP Wizard is engineered for outdoor use under protected conditions, ensuring durability and reliability in various environmental conditions.


Effortless Installation and Instant Data Monitoring

Setting up the TESUP Wizard is a breeze. With the included 2m Jack-to-USB cable, installation becomes flexible, and the device is compatible with any USB-to-Plug adaptor (not included). The Wizard instantly pairs with the MyTESUP app via a QR code, providing users with seamless and immediate access to their energy data.


In conclusion, the TESUP Wizard is a game-changer in the world of renewable energy monitoring. With its precision, affordability, and user-friendly design, this device empowers individuals and businesses to make informed decisions about their energy consumption and transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. As we continue to lead the charge in household renewable energy solutions, the TESUP Wizard stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and a greener world.


Whether you're new and trying to make a decision about the right energy system, or you want to monitor the performance of your existing system accurately, TESUP Wizard is the right answer for you.