Flex Solar Panel (230 W)

Get electricity in 30 seconds! Stick it on any wall with included double-sided tape.

Introducing the TESUP Flex Solar Panel - your ultimate portable power solution! This innovative solar panel generates an impressive 230 Watts per square meter, providing efficient charging for batteries and powering electric appliances wherever you go. 

What sets the TESUP Flex apart is its versatility. This solar panel is not only strong and lightweight but also flexible and waterproof, making it ideal for a range of applications. It excels on both flat and curved surfaces, ensuring durability and reliable performance wherever you need it.

Designed and manufactured by the world's leading household wind turbine and solar panel manufacturer, TESUP, operating in the South Africa locally among other 31 countries. We meticulously produce over 270 components, ranging from generators to electronic cards, within our European factories. Depending on stock availability, delivery times may vary from as short as one day to a maximum of four months.

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The Book by TESUP

Explore The Book By TESUP, to access our product manuals, delve into our values and mission and discover how we're shaping the future with renewable energy.

Why TESUP Flex Solar Panel?

230W Power Generation
Innovative & Flexible Design
Easy Assembly

Product Features

  • Batteries and Electric Appliances on the Go with 230W Power

    With 230 Watts of power generation per square meter, TESUP Waterproof Flexible Solar Panel can charge batteries and power electric appliances on the go.

  • Modern Look

    Features a modern look and an enhanced sealed waterproof design for better protection from saltwater.

  • Durable and Lightweight

    Flex Solar Panel is designed to be super lightweight and durable, with the ability to withstand even being walked on.

  • Resistant to Weather Conditions

    Even in low light and cloudy conditions, the specially textured surface reduces light reflection and improves performance.

  • Perfect for Boats

    The solar panel is perfect for boats as it is flexible, resistant to salted water and has a waterproof design.

  • Flexible

    The solar panel's flexibility allows it to conform to the shape of curved surfaces, making it perfect for boats, roofs, motorhomes, and more.

  • Small Size

    The solar panel is super thin with a thickness of only 1.49mm weighing 5.7 kg.

  • Easy and Quick Installation

    The product can be installed in around only 30 minutes.

  • Double the Power

    It can also be combined with TESUP solar panels for optimal energy production.

  • Sell to the Grid

    The electricity generated by TESUP Waterproof Flexible Solar Panel can also be sold to the grid by using an inverter. It is also compatible with connection to the electrical board at various output power settings.

  • 2 Year Warranty

    The product comes with a 2-year TESUP Care Product Warranty, providing peace of mind and ensuring that your investment is protected.

  • How to Use

    Please keep in mind that the wind turbine needs to be installed following the user manual which can be found in “The Book by TESUP”and under ideal weather conditions to reach its maximum power generation potential. 

    This product is compatible with connection to the electrical board at various output power settings. However, it may only be connected to a power socket after the necessary adjustments in accordance with country-specific regulations have been made.