Wind turbine component: 3 phase generator
Have you ever wondered how a TESUP wind turbine works? What goes on inside the metaphorical black box that is the base of your wind turbine? Well we hope to help you to understand this by going through several wind turbine components!
To start with we will look at how an Atlas wind turbine actually generates electricity. The main component responsible for this is the 3 phase generator which sits in the base of the wind turbine. When the wind turbine blades are pushed by the wind, the central wind turbine shaft rotates. This in turn rotates the central magnet assembly in the middle of the generator. These magnets have a north and south pole just like a magnet you might find on your fridge!
Sitting around the central magnet there are 3 sets of copper wire coils. As the magnet rotates, the magnetic field of the magnet cuts through these copper wires, pushing electrons backwards and forwards. This generates an alternating current (AC) in the wires which can be used to power appliances!
Each set of copper wire coils pushes and pulls electrons at a different time interval (or phase) so the overall power output from your turbine is nice and smooth! This is why there are 3 cables coming from your Atlas 2.0, one for each phase!
The 3 phase generators used in TESUP products are completely sealed so will have no problems with any water from pesky rain! It is impressive that such a powerful device could fit in the small volume of TESUP’s vertical wind turbine generators
We hope you have learned something from this post and wind turbines are a little less of a mystery now!