We compared TESUP turbines!

Ever wondered how TESUP turbines stack up against each other? Well our TESUP team has you covered with this lovely side by side comparison of each of this month’s bestselling, most popular turbines. Have a watch!


To put some of these numbers into context:

The first number, the voltage, is important when selecting a compatible power system with your turbine. For example, a charge controller used in conjunction with the turbine should be rated for the appropriate voltage. Luckily this isn’t such an issue with TESUP turbines as you can buy a charge controller as you order the turbine which will suit the turbine well!

Number number two shows the rated power of each turbine. The power generated when the wind speed passing through the turbine is at rated speed. This gives you an indication of how much power each turbine produces relative to one another. Magnum 5 turbines are the most powerful model of turbines TESUP produces.

The start-up wind speed is the minimum wind speed required to make the turbine spin. This can be an important factor to check to see how much power you may be able to generate with your area’s wind speed.

Noise level dictates how loud your wind turbine is. 30 dB is a similar noise level to a library or a whisper, the 60 dB of a Magnum turbine is similar to an electric razor or toothbrush. Bear in mind that the dB scale is a logarithmic scale. This means every 10 dB increase is equivalent to 10 times the sound intensity and double the perceived loudness.

Finally we have the maximum wind speeds tolerable by the turbine. For some reference figures, 50 m/s wind speed is equivalent to ~110 mph which is the maximum wind speed of a category 2 hurricane! So TESUP turbines can keep spinning and generating power in high wind conditions.

Hopefully this blog has given a good insight into how TESUP’s turbines compare!

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