Introducing the TESUP V7 Vertical Wind Turbine: Shaping the Future of Wind Energy!

At TESUP, we're driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to sustainable energy solutions. We're excited to introduce the TESUP V7 Vertical Wind Turbine, a product that represents a significant leap forward in wind energy technology. This remarkable turbine isn't just a new offering; it's a revolutionary advancement in how we harness the power of the wind.


Innovation Beyond Expectations


The TESUP V7 is a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Our innovative design centres around one key feature – three sets of blades, each meticulously engineered to excel in specific wind conditions:


  1. Moderate Wind Blade Set Included


Straight out of the box, the V7 comes equipped with the Moderate Wind Blade Set. These blades are finely tuned to capture wind energy effectively in areas with moderate wind speeds, ranging from 4 to 25 m/s. This makes the V7 suitable for a wide range of locations, ensuring that even on days with average wind conditions, you can generate clean energy for your needs.


  1. High-Speed Wind Blade Set Included


The V7 comes complete with the High-Speed Wind Blade Set, right in the box. These blades are designed for regions with consistently high wind speeds, ranging from 7 to 50 m/s, or areas where wind speeds occasionally spike. This means you're ready to harness maximum power from the wind, no matter where you're located.


  1. V7 + Low Wind Blade Set: Your Optional Choice

We understand that not all locations benefit from consistent strong winds. That's why we offer the V7 + Low Wind option, which includes a set of blades specially designed for areas with low wind speeds, ranging from 3 to 20 m/s. This thoughtful addition allows individuals living in regions with less favourable wind conditions to still tap into the benefits of wind energy.

V7 blades



IoT Technology for Effortless Control and Monitoring

Now, with the integration of pioneering IoT technology, the V7 empowers you to effortlessly monitor power generation and adjust voltage based on real-time weather conditions, all through a user-friendly mobile app. This level of control is at your fingertips, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience. The TESUP V7 lets you tap into wind energy for a greener future, with precise control of your energy generation.

TESUP's IoT innovation is groundbreaking. We've reimagined how renewable energy and IoT technology work together, setting us apart as an industry leader offering solutions that were once thought impossible.


V7 and IOT


Sleek and Aesthetic Design


We believe that technology and aesthetics can go hand in hand. The V7 boasts a sleek design and offers a choice of blades, making it a perfect fit for both urban and rural environments. The turbine not only performs efficiently but also complements its surroundings, making a statement about the future of clean energy.


Easy Installation and Low Maintenance


We've made sure that setting up the V7 is hassle-free. Our user-friendly installation guide allows you to assemble the turbine in just 15 minutes. The V7 is designed for durability and reliability, requiring minimal maintenance, which means less hassle and more time to enjoy the benefits of clean, renewable energy.


Quiet and Efficient Operation


Unlike traditional horizontal wind turbines, the V7 operates quietly, ensuring that it won't disrupt your peace and quiet while generating energy efficiently.


Versatile Applications


The V7 offers more than just a single impressive feature. Whether you want to power your home, charge electric vehicles, or provide energy for remote locations, it offers versatile applications, adapting to your unique energy needs.


The TESUP V7: A Symbol of Progress


The TESUP V7 Vertical Wind Turbine isn't just a wind turbine; it's a symbol of progress, adaptability, and a greener tomorrow. It stands as a hope for a world seeking cleaner, more sustainable power sources.


Our innovative approach to wind energy technology with the V7 demonstrates our commitment to making renewable energy accessible to more people and helping communities transition towards a more sustainable future.


In conclusion, The TESUP V7 Vertical Wind Turbine is a big step forward in clean energy. V7 demonstrates that the wind can be utilised more efficiently  than before. No matter where you live, the V7 has the right blades for you and your location. It helps you generate renewable energy efficiently and in an eco-friendly way. WithV7’s adaptability, you can contribute to a greener future, one spin at a time.