TESUP and the Home Energy Unit

TESUP has always looked to innovate within the renewable energy industry. By bringing new technologies to the table TESUP can continue towards its goal of making the world a better place through environmentally friendly, clean renewable energy solutions. TESUP is committed to bringing easy to use, attractive energy generation systems to the homes and businesses of many. The latest development is the only very recently announced Home Energy Unit. This standalone unit can generate and manage electricity, all on its own! This is a great solution for those of you worried about how to best set up a renewable energy generation system at home as all the steps are laid out for you as well as everything you need labelled in its correct position.

The Home Energy Unit is a system comprising a mounting board which holds a number of components needed to successfully generate power on the go. The mounting board is equipped with a power inverter and charge controller to ensure the smooth and safe generation of electricity as well as the safe production of power. The board has space for a TESUP flexible solar panel to attach directly to the mounting board or has compatibility for all TESUP wind turbines, simply connecting to the charge controller. But why just have one, the Home Energy Unit can support a wind turbine and a solar panel at the same time!

The main benefit of the standalone, packaged up system is the ability to transport the whole system and put it wherever you like! Maybe you want some extra charge for your phone over a long day to the park? No problem! Just set up the Home Energy Unit next to your picnic and let it charge away. Perhaps you are the proud owner of an electric vehicle but struggle to find charging stations on your route to work? Also not a problem, just pull into a car park, get your Home Energy Unit out of the boot and plug in! Your car should be topped up in no time.


With the world looking to reduce climate change causing emissions in all sectors, the world has looked to aviation to see how planes could potentially pollute a little less. Unfortunately a lot of small personal planes rely on diesel engines (which produce a large amount of polluting emissions) as these are the only engines that work for the planes. Developments have been made to introduce electrically powered planes with motor driven engines into the hobbyist and small plane industry. Recently a small electric powered plane has been used for the first ever commercial electric flight route in the Orkney Islands of Scotland!

This exciting news has helped to bolster the aviation industry and secure the future for small planes within airspaces around the world. This is also a good sign for hobby aircraft pilots who love flying planes but worry about the damaging emissions their plane emits. They can soon replace their planes with electrically driven ones! Potentially decreasing their emissions drastically and reducing the amount of air pollution and climate change their planes contribute. With these benefits it may become more common for people to own their very own electrically powered planes in the near future!

Now, if you will, imagine for a moment you were taking a flight in your very own electric plane, you fly out into the countryside to enjoy a nice picnic with your friends. Unfortunately for you your landing areas are restricted to those airfields which have electrical charging infrastructure in place already, which may be a problem in the countryside. Luckily you brought along your Home Energy Unit! You can simply bring it out of your plane, set it up nearby, plug the Home Energy Unit into your plane and top it up with enough power to get you home!

Now what about the people who love a bit of adventure but who are also not such a big fan of heights and prefer a more grounded approach to their adventuring? Well fret not! You can simply take to the sea instead of the skies! Electrically driven boats have been common in maritime settings for a long time. This makes them great for charging them up on the go… or on the sail with a conveniently placed Home Energy Unit on the deck of the boat! You could even use your Home Energy Unit on a petrol or diesel powered boat to generate some power for your phone!

For the less adventurous among you, who prefer to stay nice and cosy at home the Home Energy Unit is also a great fit for you! (As you might expect from a HOME Energy Unit!). Anyone with a bit of free space around their house and business can quickly deploy a Home Energy Unit onto their driveway or garden and start generating some extra power. This could just be while it is sunny or windy outside, stashing the Home Energy Unit inside when there are less favourable conditions.

Alternatively, you could permanently leave the Home Energy Unit in your garden or driveway and have a source of clean, renewable energy generation all year round (with some extra waterproofing). As the Home Energy Unit is designed to sit on the ground, it is very easily maintained and accessed without having to go into the wiring of your house. So as you can see the new TESUP Home Energy Unit has a great number of uses from planes to cars to phones and beyond.

If you are interested in the Home Energy Unit, keep an eye on the TESUP store page to learn more. More updates will come soon!