New Product - Irrigation Energy Unit

To survive, we all need water. Every plant and animal on earth depends on it. But the latest news and forecasts regarding climate conditions and water availability on our planet are very alarming. Experts believe that dry summers could become the new norm because of climate change, rising ocean temperatures, and reduced rainfall. The drought scorching much of the European Union is set to be the worst endured since the sixteenth century, a senior scientist at the European Commission's (EC) drought service has warned. "At the moment... this seems to be the worst" year in 500 years, although a full analysis will need to happen retrospectively, said Andrea Toreti, senior researcher at the EC's Joint Research Centre, who compiles data for the European Drought Observatory. In July, England experienced its driest month since 1935, according to Met Office statistics. During July, England received less than one inch of rain, which is 23.1 millimeters.

Green solution for big cities

It represents 35% of England's average rainfall for the month, according to the Met Office. During the month of March, Wales had about two inches of rain, which is 53% of its monthly average; Northern Ireland had 1.8 inches and Scotland had 3.3 inches, which is 81% of its average. As a whole, the United Kingdom received 56% of its average monthly rainfall in July. Droughts are a result of climate change caused by humans. Recent wildfires in the region and throughout Europe have been attributed to the dry weather record. Heat waves are the other half of the wildfire equation: A hot, dry season leaves vegetation tinder-dry. Tuesday, July 19, 2022 was the busiest day for the fire department in London since World War II, according to Sadiq Khan, the city’s mayor. “The challenge in London is we have a lot of grass, a lot of green spaces and a lot of that impinges on properties. And when you have not had rain for a long period, when the grass is incredibly dry, fires can start very quickly and spread even faster, because of wind and that leads to properties being destroyed,”

Taking into account the almost critical situation that has developed, TESUP has developed and manufactured a new device that will help us more easily survive such dry days: Irrigation Energy Unit
Our Irrigation Energy Unit is
  • Accessible

It is very suitable for use in places where there is no power line.

  • Easy to use

The + and - cables on the solar panels can be used by connecting directly to the DC pump. The approximate installation time is around 30 minutes.

  • Open to new possibilities

In addition, any wind turbine can be integrated optionally. When this integration is made, the + and - cables at the CC output are connected to the DC pump in parallel with the solar panels.

  • Endowed with high skills

The DC pump is capable of drawing water from a depth of 20 meters and can be pumped up to a total distance of 60 meters. A total of 3 tons/h of water can be taken per hour.