Magnum 5 is ready to go!

Had your eye on a Magnum 5 turbine, but just couldn't get your hands on one yet? Well the wait is over!

TESUP’s newest and most powerful turbine will be available for next day delivery from Tuesday next week!

Unfortunately the production of the Magnum 5 was delayed by the worldwide shortage of raw materials due to the Covid-19 pandemic. TESUP has overcome these issues to bring out the Magnum 5 with only small delays!

With a 5kW rated power, 3m/s starting speed and a cast aluminum body you can be sure that this turbine will serve your energy needs for years to come! Not only that but at 17.4 pence per Watt it is the lowest cost per Watt of any TESUP turbines.

Check out some more information on the Magnum 5 on the store page!

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