Inspiring power plant built with TESUP Products - Learn from a valued customer

Imagine a sustainable power plant that harnesses the limitless potential of renewable energy. In Europe, our valued customer has turned his vision into reality by constructing a groundbreaking power plant using cutting-edge TESUP products. Nestled on rolling green hills, their property now stands as testament to the immense potential of clean energy.

They have made the right choice transforming their land into a thriving renewable energy hub with life-giving electricity with TESUP. Let’s learn about why TESUP products are the perfect choice for this project:


TESUP Magnum 5 Horizontal Wind Turbine


Our MAGNUM 5 Horizontal wind turbine is a true marvel, designed to provide the most reliable and efficient wind power generation. As the world’s strongest wind turbine and most durable horizontal wind turbine, it boasts the lowest starting wind speed, making it an optimal choice for wind farms. It can deliver a standalone 5kW power generation capacity and with rotation beginning at just 3 m/s wind speed, this turbine’s large wind catchment area ensures smooth and unrestricted movement. Crafted from corrosion-resistant superior carbon fiber, it can operate flawlessly even in frigid temperatures, enduring as low as -50C. Its durability is combined with a lightweight design and a quiet operation mechanism, making it a harmonious addition to any environment.

TESUP Semi-flexible Solar Panel

Our solar panel is offering unparalleled versatility and efficiency. With a remarkable 205 Watt power generation per square meter, it is capable of powering various electric appliances and charging batteries and inverters. What sets it apart is its flexibility and lightweight design, weighing just 2 kg with a mere 1.39mm thickness. This flexibility allows it to fit the shape of any surface, making it ideal for building walls, curved roofs, boats and wind farms. Even in low light and cloudy conditions, its specially textured surface reduces light reflection and enhances performance.


At TESUP, we believe that renewable energy should be accessible to all. That’s why our products are designed to be affordable, making them an excellent choice for those aspiring to build a power plant. With TESUP’s commitment to quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness, our customer was able to create their power plant with ease. Building a renewable energy plant with TESUP products is no longer a distant dream but a realistic goal, thanks to our exceptionally affordable offerings.


Join the renewable energy revolution with TESUP. Our innovative and reliable products, backed by years of experience and expertise, are transforming the way we harness clean energy.