How Loud is a Wind Turbine Really?

It is often a concern for customers wondering how loud their wind turbines could be when installed so close to their home. Many news stories focus on noisy commercial wind farms installed nearby creating an unbearable level of noise for residents. This is very much not the case for TESUP’s small wind turbines.

Their small form factors when compared to large turbines make for a much quieter operating noise level. The average noise measured for a MasterX wind turbine is 37 dB at 8m/s (a reasonably fast wind speed). For context the average household noise level sits at around 40 dB, a whisper at 30 dB and a usual vacuum cleaner at 75 dB. Keep in mind that at lower wind speeds the sound produced by your turbine is likely to be lower.

So the MasterX wind turbine is a bit louder than a whisper but not as loud as general house noise. This means you could happily place the wind turbine on the roof of your house and barely notice the noise coming from it, Absolutely nothing to worry about!

The AtlasX and Atlas2.0 wind turbines boast an even more impressively low sound output. As they are vertical axis wind turbines their average dB level is lower at around 32 dB at 8 m/s. It is unlikely that someone nearby could hear the wind turbine over the sound of the surrounding wind at this level!

As you can see, small wind turbines like the AtlasX, Atlas2.0 and MasterX produce a very low amount of noise and would be no concern for even the quietest residential home!

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