Greenwashing in the EU! How Nuclear and Natural Gas could take renewables funding

The European Commission, responsible for proposing new EU legislation, has come out with plans to label polluting sources of energy generation as ‘green’. If these plans go ahead, energy generation from natural gas and nuclear sources will be defined as ‘green’ sources, the same definition applied to truly clean sources such as wind and solar power.

This is important as the definition is used to allocate funding to projects across the EU. By labeling these non-renewable sources as ‘green’ they will have access to funding earmarked for the development of clean-energy sources across the EU.

These controversial plans were made even more disliked by the timing of their release. The plans were submitted hours before the deadline, in what some are calling a night and smoke operation. These plans are widely regarded by leaders to be against the aims of introducing sustainable energy to the EU and TESUP agrees!

Some countries such as France and the Czech Republic support the plans on the basis that the countries rely heavily on nuclear energy.
TESUP agrees with some politicians who think that these newly planned definitions will weaken the case of renewable energy and slow the progress of the EU to a net neutral power generation system. TESUP hopes that these new proposals will be reversed in the near future.