A Never-ending Journey: TESUP Product Portfolio Evolution
TESUP is a leading provider in the renewable energy industry, with an unwavering focus on delivering quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We offer a range of superior-quality renewable energy products that are efficient, reliable, and easy to use, making us a preferred choice for customers worldwide.
Since our establishment in 2016 in the UK, we’ve undersigned many successes and introduced many innovative products - each one of them being the latest innovation in their category. Today, we would like to take you through our product portfolio evolution journey.
Our commitment to continuous progress and innovation is reflected in our team of experienced engineers and technicians, who strive to develop innovative renewable energy solutions. Using the latest design and simulation software, we optimize our products for performance and efficiency, ensuring that TESUP products are always at the forefront of the industry.
Our product line is continuously evolving and expanding, with a focus on improving existing products and incorporating the latest technology into our designs. Our journey began with the manufacturing of the ATLAS 2.0 wind turbine, which had a capacity of 2 kW and was designed for power and energy efficiency. The ATLAS 2.0 model was later upgraded, with a larger lower body and a gear system.
The next product we introduced was the charge controllers, designed to regulate voltage and current from wind turbines and solar panels, and control battery and inverter charging. Ideal for use with wind turbines, these controllers can handle up to 5 kW of power. We then introduced our innovative Flexible Solar Panel, a lightweight, portable, and highly efficient solar panel that can be used in various applications, including camping, boating, and outdoor activities.
We continued our journey with the Atlas X wind turbine - as a result of our customer-centricity and continuous innovation. It was designed to be more robust and efficient than ATLAS 2.0. It featured a new blade design, a larger rotor diameter, and a more powerful generator.
As for the evolution of our horizontal turbines, first, we introduced MAGNUM 5 which delivers more power than our previous models, with a three-blade design that increases efficiency and performance, making it the most popular horizontal wind turbine on the market. Our MasterX wind turbine is another high-performance turbine designed for commercial and industrial applications, with a power output of 1 KW and the ability to generate power at low wind speeds. The re-engineered blade design makes it quieter than many other wind turbines, and it starts rotating at wind speeds as low as 3 m/s.
We continued upgrading our ATLAS series, with the ATLAS 4.0 wind turbine featuring advanced technology that enhances its performance and efficiency. We also introduced the Home Energy Unit, a compact and portable system designed for people who want to generate power on the go, ideal for camping, RV trips, or other outdoor activities.
Our Irrigation Energy Unit was another innovative product perfect for use in areas without power lines. It was easy to install and can be used with both solar panels and wind turbines. The DC pump could draw water from a depth of 20 meters and could pump up to a total distance of 60 meters.
As for today, the ATLAS 7 and X7 models are the latest innovations in our ATLAS series. They come with a completely different lower-body design, a maximum generator power of 7 kW, higher efficiency, and a more modern look and feel. In addition to the new ATLAS Series, we’ve recently introduced the new Hera Wind Pro, our most advanced and high-performance wind turbine. It features a unique blade design that reduces noise and vibration. It is capable of standalone 7 kW power generation, meeting daily household electric needs, and has less environmental impact thanks to its 2-blade shape produced with less material.
As you can see, our portfolio evolution and innovation never stop. At TESUP, we are committed to delivering superior quality, innovative, and technologically advanced products to our customers. Our journey so far has been full of accomplishments, and we will continue to push the boundaries of innovation to meet the evolving needs of our customers.