The Evolution of the Atlas 2.0

Wind turbines and power generating technologies take a lot of time, effort and resources to develop properly, especially when making improvements to efficiency and overall power generation.

Just looking at an Atlas 2.0 turbine, it is difficult to see how much development has gone into the model. Many hours have been spent by TESUP technicians who try to improve every aspect of Atlas 2.0 turbines.

This can range from anything to improving the internal electronics of the power transmission to efficiently use every bit of electricity generated, to improving the exterior aesthetics of the wind turbine so it looks lovely on top of your house or maybe improving the aerodynamics of the wind turbine so more energy is harvested from each and every gust of wind.

Atlas 2.0 has come a long way in its lifetime, as one of TESUP’s most popular turbines it has had a lot of resources allocated to it.
This is an early stage Atlas 2.0 turbine. It is clear to see that the exterior aesthetics of the turbine have been improved over time when you compare it to the current version of the Atlas 2.0. As well as a system statistics viewing panel, added to the base of the turbine.
Not only have the exterior aspects seen an improvement, the interior workings have been upgraded over time to improve performance.
Committed to continuous improvement, TESUP is now working to upgrade the generator used in the Atlas 2.0 line of turbines to create a more powerful turbine that can output more power than any Atlas 2.0 turbine has before! Look out for more details on the TESUP website soon!

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