Magnum 5 Profitability!

Have you been eyeing up one of TESUP's new Magnum 5 turbines, but unsure whether it is worth buying for you?

Well TESUP has some helpful information for you! A detailed profitability analysis of the Magnum 5 over time has just been released on the TESUP Official Youtube channel. This video gives an indication of how much money your Magnum 5 turbine might produce over its lifespan.

The analysis is based on electricity selling prices in Germany (€50/kWh) and is based on a constant 15m/s wind speed. So do make sure to consider that the actual generation may be lower based on your area’s electricity prices and wind speeds!

You can use this video to estimate a payback period for your turbine, after which you will be making a healthy passive income from your turbine.
Have a watch of the video below and see what you think!

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