TESUP, where does it come from? What does it mean?

Is it TE-SUP (Technology Supplier) or something similar?

You are of course familiar with TESUP and what TESUP does, a manufacturer of domestic wind turbines which locally delivers all over the world!

But what is less known is the origins of the company’s name, it is clearly not a common word or anything you might recognise.

So where is the inspiration from, you might ask? We need to look all the way back to the bronze age and an ancient kingdom. The Hittite empire, spanning from 1500 BC ~ 1100 BC was a powerful empire with many significant contributions to world culture and was present in many very important bronze age event
The Hittites used a hierarchical pantheon of Deities or Gods, similar to the more popularly known Greek and Roman gods. And right at the top of that hierarchy? Teshub or Tešup the god of the sky, thunder, storms and the sunshines.
What better god to represent a company that harnesses the power of the sky to create power!