Magnum 5 just keeps getting better!

TESUP is dedicated to constantly improving its products. The Magnum 5 turbine which is only just being released is already getting an upgrade!

The new model will now feature a fibreglass cladding on the main body of the turbine. Fibreglass has many benefits, it is corrosion resistant, won’t mold or rust and is non-permeable to liquids. All to make sure your Magnum 5 turbine is running in good condition for years to come!

Fibreglass also has the benefit of being a lightweight material, this makes the Magnum 5 surprisingly light for its size. Installing and mounting your turbine will now be much easier with the lightweight body being easy to bring to the right height and requiring less of a support structure.

Not only that! fibreglass has an excellent deformation resistance and as a result, your turbine will suffer much less from dents and dings. Coupled with this, the manufacturing process of fibreglass can produce a very smooth surface. There will be no unsightly bumps on your Magnum 5 keeping your turbine looking nice as it spins away!