Checklist for small wind residential system

When planning your domestic wind turbine system you should consider not only the type of wind turbine, but also the surrounding electronics which may change depending on what you want from your system.

The main distinction between systems is whether the system is standalone or attached to the grid. A standalone system stores or uses all the energy it generates solely within your house or property. A system paired to the grid has the capability of selling some of the power generated by your system to the grid. You will need to choose which is best for you.

Generally a standalone system is simpler, for this kind of system you will need:

  • A wind turbine/ turbines (such as an Atlas2.0 or MasterX)

  • A charge regulator/controller: this is an electronic device which makes sure your wind turbines do not overcharge your batteries and make sure your wind turbine does not rotate too quickly. When buying your TESUP wind turbine you can choose to have a regulator included!

  • Battery

  • A power inverter: this converts the DC current from your battery into AC current which is used by appliances around your house.

A grid connected system is usually more stable than an off the grid system but can be more expensive depending on where the system is set up due to grid connection requirements. For this kind of system you will need:

  • A wind turbine/ turbines (such as an AtlasX or Zeus3.0)

  • A charge regulator/ controller

  • Grid connecting inverter: Ensures the power output from your system is compatible with your local grid. Look out for this component while you are buying your AtlasX or MasterX wind turbines as the best suited type can be included with your turbine purchase!

  • Electricity meter: measures the amount of electricity your system puts into the grid so your electricity company knows how much to refund your electricity bills.

  • Switch: to disconnect your renewable energy system from your house and the grid when necessary.


The TESUP charge controller is specifically designed to safely and efficiently control TESUP wind turbines.

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