Have you met Elene?

Welcome to Team Series Part 5! Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to Elene, our new Communications Expert at TESUP! Get ready to be amazed by her superpower of building amicable bonds with our customers and creating a positive and welcoming environment for all. From spreading joy and laughter to making a real impact on the world, Elene is the new shining star of our TESUP family! So, buckle up and join us for another exciting journey with our incredible team!

Every day, she has the privilege of gaining insights into almost every department, taking the initiative to explore subjects that may prove valuable in her future undertakings. From learning about electricity to gathering knowledge from various departments such as Marketing, Logistics, Manufacturing, and more, Elene feels like she's on a continuous journey of growth and self-improvement. Being surrounded by a team that is passionate about making a positive impact on the planet makes her work at TESUP even more meaningful and fulfilling.

Working at TESUP has been an adventure of a lifetime for Elene. She’s been pleasantly surprised by the extraordinary opportunities that have come her way, reaffirming her belief that life is full of amazing possibilities. This dynamic company understands the value of appreciating its employees’ potential and actively supports their growth and advancement. Elene feels like she hit the career jackpot, being part of this empowering family that encourages non-stop improvement and working proficiently.

But wait, there’s more! Elene’s favourite thing about working at TESUP is being ahead of the curve, embracing innovation and thinking beyond ordinary. This company isn’t just about making sales; they’re on a mission to tackle climate change and create a more sustainable future. From developing green technologies to supporting sustainable living, TESUP demonstrates a profound sense of responsibility towards the planet and its inhabitants. And guess what? Elene is now a part of this extraordinary journey!

Now, here's the fun twist! She shares a common goal with the company she works in: contributing to the well-being of humanity. Elene lives an active and athletic lifestyle, running like the wind and working out at the gym every day! She's all about raising awareness for healthy living, and her passion for sustainability and a healthy environment makes her job even more meaningful. And there's another fun fact about Elene: she loves puppies! When she's not busy saving the world with her communication superpowers and promoting sustainability, you can often find her cuddling and playing with adorable puppies.


Elene, the communication superhero, is making a real difference in the world, one positive interaction at a time! With her infectious enthusiasm and dedication to a greener future, she's leaving a lasting impact on our customers and our planet. We're so lucky to have her as part of our TESUP family! Keep shining, Elene! You're a true inspiration to us all!