Can TESUP help you?

TESUP is introducing a new worldwide project!

An increasing number of everyday tasks require electricity to function. Whether that is communicating with a loved one, boiling water or keeping a room lit. These tasks aren’t a problem for most in countries with well developed infrastructure and affluent populations.

Well what happens when you are isolated from a reliable grid? Or can’t afford to pay for the electricity supplied to you? Unfortunately this is the case for many people living around the world. These people would really benefit from having their own personal power source, to recharge a radio, irrigate their fields and light their houses.

So how could this be provided? Well renewable energy sources of course! Wind and solar power are present the world over and can be used as a way to generate electricity locally and off-grid.

TESUP is sending 20 YUZO wind turbines (along with their charge controllers) around the world to those who could use a little help generating their own power. These portable turbines have a rated power at 11.5m/s of 150 Watts, plenty of power to light a house or run a small pump.

What’s more is TESUP is taking applications. If you are in need of a YUZO turbine, follow the link below!