Zero Emissions Day: A Day to Breathe Easy

Are you ready to celebrate Zero Emissions Day? This year, it's on September 21st, and it's a chance for us to all do our part to reduce our impact on the planet. And on this special day we're helping to slow down climate change and offering a 10% discount at check out with code “ZERO10” on renewable energy products during September 21 -25!

The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly evident, the importance of taking action to reduce our carbon footprint cannot be overstated. Concepts like "net zero emissions" and "carbon neutrality" have gained prominence, signifying a global commitment to address the climate crisis. Let's delve into what Zero Emissions Day means, its significance, and how individuals and businesses can contribute to a cleaner and greener planet.

What is Net Zero Emissions?

Net zero emissions refer to the equilibrium achieved when the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere is balanced by an equivalent amount being removed. This delicate balance is crucial for combating global warming and its associated impacts. Visualise it as a bathtub: by turning the tap on and simultaneously pulling the drain plug, water flows in and out at the same rate, maintaining a net zero balance. Achieving net zero emissions is a paramount goal in the fight against climate change.

graph of energy consumption by sector

Differentiating Carbon Neutrality

While often used interchangeably, "carbon neutral" and "net zero emissions" have nuanced differences. Carbon neutrality primarily focuses on offsetting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, the most well-known greenhouse gas. However, a comprehensive approach requires addressing other potent greenhouse gases like methane, nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide, and hydrofluorocarbons. This distinction underscores the need to consider the broader spectrum of emissions to ensure a habitable Earth for future generations.

The Origins of Zero Emissions Day
Zero Emissions Day serves as a reminder of the variety of greenhouse gases contributing to global warming and encourages active involvement in emission reduction efforts. The opening Zero Emissions Day took place in 2008 in Nova Scotia, Canada. Since then, it has been championed by the Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC), Europe's largest non-profit climate business network. The day spotlights the importance of collective action and individual choices in curbing emissions.
an Infograph of breakdown of greenhouse gas emissions by type
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As a prominent figure in the renewable energy sector, TESUP recognizes the significance of Zero Emissions Day and is taking steps to empower individuals and businesses to make a positive impact. From September 21 to 25, TESUP is running a campaign that offers a 10% discount on all its products. This initiative allows individuals to take tangible steps towards achieving net zero emissions, contributing to a cleaner and greener planet.

Zero Emissions Day is a small step towards a more sustainable future. By taking action on this day, we can show the world that we are committed to reducing our impact on the planet.

Join us in celebrating Zero Emissions Day and let's make a difference!