Why Do You Need Tesup Mobile App?

Because we are making renewable energy accessible to all.

First in the renewable energy industry! We’re proud to introduce the world's first mobile app designed for renewable energy product users: TESUP App.

All mobile apps provide users with convenient access to a variety of services and information on their smartphones and tablets. The Tesup app is more than that!

In 2023, we live in a technology era as you all know. We should benefit from this technology in every part of our lives.

With this in mind, we decided to launch our mobile app months ago both in Google Play and Apple Store to reach you easily and without wasting your time on computers.

As a leading provider of renewable energy solutions, our mission is to make sustainable energy accessible to everyone, and we are thrilled to have our mobile app. Download it now and start taking control of your energy usage today.

The Tesup app is designed to assist our customers with their renewable energy consumption and making informed decisions regarding their energy utilization. With our app, customers will view real-time energy usage data, monitor their solar panel performance, and access account information on the go.

We have 4 main sections on our landing page:

Purchase: Start scrolling through the products, with amazing 3D images and you can easily reach product information. We provide you product specifications and installation guidelines. Go on, see our products and add to the chart.

Customer Experience: You have already bought products and you need assistance with your product. Go to the second slot and fill in the form. Alternatively, click on the chat button at the top right of the page to start a chat with our customer experts. Let us the rest, we will reach you immediately.

Education: You can book individual consultations with our experienced team members and engineers. Plus we give free renewable energy lectures, all you need to do is to register! You can also find Product Service for the customers. We understand that renewable energy can sometimes be confusing, so our app also includes educational resources to help our customers understand the benefits of different energy sources and how to make the most of their renewable energy systems. Feel free to contact us!

Blog: If you want to keep updated about recent occasions around the world, energy related topics, news, this page is for you! We are reaching out to you via our blogs. Your feedback is valuable for us.

Our app is available for both iOS and Android and it's free to download. We provide you to switch to renewable energy with just an application!

Another important benefit of downloading the Tesup app is the transparency and control that our app provides. You can view your account information at any time, and have access to all the information you need to make for a greener world.

At Tesup, we are steadfast in our commitment to making renewable energy accessible to all. Our app is but one of the many ways in which we are working towards this objective.

We also would like to hear your opinion about our app so that we can improve it. Our goal is to make you happy and provide you the best service.