Vertical Turbines as the future of the Wind Farms

According to the Oxford Brookes University: «More Compact and Efficient Vertical Turbines Could Be the Future for Wind Farms».

The research found that VAWTs increase each other’s performance when arranged in grid formations.

Positioning wind turbines to maximise outputs is critical to the design of wind farms. The only precaution is to avoid the turbulence.

One of the most obvious advantage of the vertical wind turbine farm is:

Capturing more energy per square meter of land

Vertical axis wind turbines can be grouped closer to each other (4-6 diameters apart)

Moreover according to the latest researches this distance can be designed to be even closer.

TESUP ATLASX and ATLAS2.0 as a home wind farm can be connected to the batteries or TO YOUR HOME GRID (with

inverter) TO YOUR BATTERY 12-24-48V




an image of atlas4

m/s mph. km/h

4 12 14.4

6 55 21.6

8 115 28.8

10 210 36

12 415 43.2

20 420 72

an image of atlas4

m/s. mph. km/h

4. 6 14.4

6 25 21.6

8 55 28.8

10 105 36

12 180 43.2

20 210 72

To sum it up the Vertical Wind Turbines farm is cost-effective and environmental-friendly way out to meet your electricity needs. The sooner we act the better for the Earth!

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