Have you met Ercan?

Welcome to Part 6 of the TESUP Team Series! Today, we're introducing Ercan to you, chief of manufacturing, the genius behind making TESUP's renewable energy dreams a reality. Get ready to explore the fascinating world of TESUP's manufacturing journey led by Ercan and his skilled team of technicians.

With his intense blue eyes, Ercan stands out as the driving force in making things happen. He's got loads of experience in making stuff, and he's really good at it!

Ercan isn't doing a daily routine; he's genuinely passionate about what he does. He works closely with TESUP engineers to plan out how things should be made. And you know what? He actually loves it! Plus, he's super into what TESUP is doing for the environment with renewable energy. In his own words “Producing products that are beneficial and protective to nature and the environment at TESUP and delivering them directly to users give me great moral satisfaction and pride.”

His daily routine starts with a cup of coffee and checking out what's on the schedule. He talks with his team of technicians to make sure everyone knows what's happening that day. Then, he gets down to making sure things run smoothly. He has meetings with engineers and the logistics team to keep everything in sync. Making wind turbines and solar panels takes know-how, TESUP is master at it with the goal of making energy from nature without hurting the planet.

TESUP technicians
*Ercan with some of his team members

And when Ercan isn't being a manufacturing superstar, he's just a regular guy. He loves hanging out with his daughters and family. They go on fun outings together and enjoy some good old father-daughter bonding time. His philosophy of life is to be fair, honest, live in the moment, not miss out on life. His biggest asset and priority in life is his family. He holds a deep affection for young individuals, and together with his companions, they are diligently collaborating to guide them away from detrimental habits while actively engaging them in sports. As the president of a dynamic sports club, he spearheads these efforts, finding solace in witnessing the evolution of astute, nimble, and virtuous athletes. This role not only allows him to nurture and shape their potential but also leaves an indelible impact on the lives of these aspiring youths. Beyond his commitment to youth development, he nurtures a passion for exploring historical sites and discovering novel destinations, reflecting his love for cultural enrichment and new experiences.

Beyond his serious work persona, Ercan's colleagues know he's got a great sense of humor and a genuine nature that adds to the friendly vibe at TESUP. So, hats off to Ercan, the man behind the magic in manufacturing. He's not only making cool energy stuff, but he's also helping to make the world a greener and cleaner place for all of us.