TESUP is improving its manufacturing!

Charge controllers have always been an integral part of TESUP wind turbine systems. That’s why TESUP’s next development is to improve its charge controllers and manufacture the PCBs in house!

This allows TESUP to better control the quality of its products and make sure you get a charge controller worthy of your wind turbine!

Not only that but the classic TESUP charge controller is getting a redesign! The design isn’t quite ready yet so you’ll have to wait and see what we have in store. I can tell you that a newer modern case will be introduced with analog measurement capabilities!

an image of PCB

This new charge controller will be perfect for both off-grid and on-grid power setups. In an on-grid setup, the charge controller ensures the correct power levels are received by your grid inverter. In an off-grid system it makes sure your batteries are not overcharged.

With such important jobs it’s important to get the right controller for your system. TESUP controllers are built to manage TESUP turbines so they’ll make an excellent match!