Sunny and Windy Vibes

Everybody must have heard about the word “vibe” somewhere, especially in the last 5 to 10 years though the roots go back to the 1960s and this word is an abbreviation for vibraphone which means a percussion instrument in the metallophone family.

One early instance of good vibrations used in a metaphysical sense for “positive energy” occurs in Frank Earl Ormsby’s astrology 1893 text The Law and the Prophets.

So “vibe” is an abbreviation of the word vibrations, then what is vibration?

Vibrations are frequencies or waves, we see vibrations of the light through our eyes and hear using vibrations of the sound. We also sense and feel vibrations creating emotions and thoughts. So the vibe is about how you feel and make feel and how you affect and are affected by your environment.

You create vibrations, interpret them and send them to others. That is why you feel common vibes to people because the way you sense and read the vibrations is similar to each other.

Let’s have a look closely at this word we use almost every day. Vibe means a person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others; transmit or give out; the mood of a place, situation, person and the way they make you feel; to like someone or something and feel comfortable and happy with them; to enjoy playing, listening to or dancing to music in a relaxed way; to send good wishes to someone according to the english dictionary.

We can say it is relatively popular among youngsters mostly. The reason for this is that the youth embrace any kind of change or innovation without hesitation. They usually use the word vibe for positive things; positive vibes only! We see the word vibe even in the objects we use every day, embroidered on clothes, printed on mugs, phones, technological devices…

The Beach Boys - Good Vibes song in 1966

Vibe connotes a different meaning to everyone. I personally prefer to use vibe for positive connotations as well, enough negativity for our lives. Let’s keep things positive!

And for Tesup, it evokes how important the wind is to us and that we feel at every moment of our lives. If it is all connected, think positive, share positive so that positive and good things find you, in the end what you plant now you will harvest later.

We are using it in daily life mostly since it is something for good moments for a couple of seconds. Here are some comments on vibes from Tesup team:

Vibes is a common word in today’s world especially accepted by generation Z.

Vibes refer to me as mood, spirits, positive spiritual things.

Although we don’t understand or see the vibrations or frequency we can feel the vibe.

A Tesup vibe is mostly being relaxed.

Tesup reminds us of dynamism. As the universe is changing and evolving with the energy fields dynamically, so is Tesup.

We really admire nature, everything we do and produce is to protect it. Our vibes shape our acts, we are operating with the windy and sunny vibes only!