Integrating a Wind Turbine with Heat Pump

Winter has come, the weather is cold and we want to feel warm. Those who care about clean energy are looking for alternatives to use their heat pumps. Renewable energy sources are popular and available recently. People are using clean energy to generate their household electricity and warm their homes especially in winter.

This part is clear. Now let's look at how to connect your heat pump to a wind turbine.

Actually it is quite easy! No additional connections or modifications are required for the heat pump. The power can be increased for the hybrid system by integrating the Wind Turbine system into the power line fed by solar panels. Connections should be made to the load line, same as the other systems.

When you need a separate connection to the heat pump, in the wind turbine system the heat pump must be connected directly to the output of the inverter. By this way, all the energy produced is transferred to the heat pump.

There are two options to connect the heat pump.

If we show you how to connect the wind turbine to the system with a diagram;

If Wind Turbines are connected ON-GRID

Wind Turbine > Charge Controller > Inverter > Main Electricity Grid

You can connect it to the main electricity grid.

Off-grid: WT > CC > Battery (optional) > Battery Inverter > Heat Pump

You can either use the battery or not, it is optional.

Wind turbines generate Alternative Current, and you need a charge controller. Charge controller converts Alternative Current to Direct Current and controls battery and inverter charging as adjusted. Voltage can be adjusted via potentiometer on the Charge Controller. There is ceramic resistance on the charge controller. The electricity coming from the cables is consumed in resistance. Using ceramic makes the charge controller more quality.

Regarding your questions on integrating a wind turbine with a heat pump, feel free to send your heat pump data sheet to our sales department and they can provide further assistance.

Enjoy your clean electricity during cold winters!