Evolution of Tesup Products

Improvement is the key!

Tesup always proceeds forward as technology evolves. Keeping the products and itself updated, since 2017 engineers search for better products.


You can see the evolution of the wind turbine process.


Thank you for being part of it!


Atlas Wind Turbines Series started their journey with Atlas 2.0 in 2018.


In 2019 Atlas 2.0 followed the former one.


And relatively in 2020 Atlas 2.0, in 2021 Atlas 4.0 and in 2022 Atlas 4.0.


In 2020 AtlasX Version.1 appeared in Tesup websites. AtlasX Version.2 followed Version.1 in the same year.


AtlasX 2021 Version.1 took place on websites. Finally in 2022 Tesup’s latest model is AtlasX Version.2.


With the low vibration, low noise vertical axis wind generator and its compact shape, the AtlasX 2022 is the recently updated model.


The Magnum5 Wind Turbines series starts with Magnum5 2021 and the next one is Magnum5 2022. Magnum5 2022 distincts from Magnum5 2021 in terms of purple blades. The R & D department always seeks for better and more eco-friendly products.


The latest version of Magnum5 has the lowest starting wind speed generating more electricity.


Master X has been developed in the same way with other Tesup wind turbines. MasterX 2021 was the first one manufactured and MasterX 2022 Version.1 and the MasterX Version.2 followed the first one. In MasterX Version.2 purple colour was added to blades.


The latest version of Master X has durable, stable and very light rotor blades.


Tesup always has a game-changer technology in all products with above market standards double bearings.