Electricity meters and renewable energy at home

Managing energy bills can be a bit of a pain. Many people struggle to or don’t have the time to keep up with their energy bills and leave them to fall to the wayside. This can become particularly concerning for those who have renewable energy systems installed at home, selling electricity back to the grid for some extra money. Obviously people would like to monitor how much electricity they are generating and selling as well as how much profit that electricity is producing for them at any given moment. This can betricky to track with a conventional home energy monitoring system as updates to your bill are usually only highlighted in a monthly bill. An increasing trend over the past decade has been to install smart energy meters into homes.

These devices allow you to see, at any given time, how much electricity your home is using. Importantly for renewable energy users this technology can also keep you up to date with information about how much renewably generated electricity your house is generating and how much this can be sold for. At themoment, given the high prices of electricity and energy we are seeing, this number can be as high as £0.49 per kWh! This is good news if you have an energy generation source as your generated electricity can fetch a higher profit!

Electricity meters allow the amount of electricity you use and generate to be monitored remotely by your electricity provider, allowing them to check your electricity usage and pay / charge you accordingly without you having to check your energy meter personally. The information is also provided to you. This allows you to monitor your energy usage and change your behaviours to cut down on your electricity usage. For example if you see that your electricity cost is high during the day when you turn on a washingmachine the electricity meter information could help you to spot that and run the machine overnight with cheaper electricity prices.

If you install both an electricity meter and renewable energy in your home you could really see the profits rolling in. A wind and solar system which generates 20kWh per day could net you an extra £294 per month in reductions to your energy bill! This extra electricity for your home could really come in handy, especially with the rising reliance on electricity over other sources of energy. A prime example of this is the increasingly popular adoption of electric stoves and ovens over older gas powered stoves and ovens.

This can also be epitomised by the introduction of electric cars as a primary mode of transport for many homes, replacing petrol and diesel vehicles. This increasing reliance on solely electrical power means that any change to the cost of electricity in the electricity market, as we are seeing now, could cause your electricity bill to skyrocket. A standard EV (electric vehicle), namely a standard saloon style car, can store as much as 80 kWh in its battery. On this charge an electric car can travel 100 to 300 miles.

So plenty of range for several days worth of travel! If your combined solar and wind renewable energy system can generate 20 kWh per day, your electric car can be topped up with electricity to spare. Imaginenot paying directly for any of the petrol that you put into a standard fossil fuel powered car! That’s the equivalent situation! All it requires is the adoption of a renewable energy system in your home. This is becoming ever easier with local authorities becoming more understanding and lenient as they come across more and more people installing similar devices on their homes.

If you are in the UK and are looking to install a wind turbine on your property, home or business you are inluck! TESUP has done the first bit of research for you! Simply follow the link provided below to see the requirements for planning permission within the UK.


So you can see, with the addition of a smart meter to your home energy system, simpler home renewableenergy systems and cheaper wind turbine models, you too could easily implement a simple, logical and robust renewable energy system in your property that could provide electricity and profits for many years to come and help you offset the cost of your heating, lights, transport in electric vehicles, you name it! Far into the future, all while being more sustainable and reducing your impact on the planet.