Are you ready for another earthquake?

Last week Monday, in the early hours of the morning, a terrible earthquake struck southeastern Turkiye. More than thirty thousand people have been killed and thousands of others injured. The first earthquake with a 7.5 magnitude, was closely followed by numerous aftershocks - including one quake with a 7.7 magnitude which increased the power and caused big devastation. Experts say that it’s one of the deadliest earthquakes in the long-time history of the World.

Cold weather and winter conditions made the life of earthquake survivors even more difficult. Turkish Government and non-governmental organizations in Turkiye have been doing their best to help the citizens of 10 affected cities with health treatments, accommodation, and other necessary support. In the meantime, rescue works are continuing at full speed to save as many lives from the destroyed buildings. Many developed countries have also been supporting Turkiye by sending food, clothing, and monetary donations as well as by sending their rescue teams to take part in rescue operations.

After multiple earthquakes, there have been big power outages in the majority of the affected areas and people have been waiting outside in the freezing cold. The situation is harder for the small villages in rural areas as it will take more time to fix electric transfer lines even after debris removal works are completed. We see the importance of being energy independent at those times for the continuity of survivors’ lives.


As TESUP, we are doing our best by supporting the affected people in the earthquake regions. We’re sending wind turbines to the small villages affected by the earthquake together with technician support to build electricity generation systems for those regions that have no electricity supply due to the destruction. These wind turbine systems will generate electricity that can be used for heating, cooking, and communication purposes.


We’ve also been investing in 2 very important R&D projects that will be a breakthrough in the renewable energy world and help people in case of emergencies and natural disasters like this. The first one of them is the TESUP Power Truck which is designed to be a sustainable solution to provide electricity in the case of extraordinary events or circumstances that disrupt energy supply (Check our former blog about TESUP Power Truck). The second one is the TESUP Mobile Battery Pack. This portable energy storage unit is designed as a mobile battery that can be connected to electric cars for extra mileage or can be connected to normal cars to be carried to disaster areas as a separate energy supply unit for electricity and heating. Both projects are progressing at full speed and we will do our best to make them ready and tested in the affected regions of Turkiye soon.

Our aim is to develop innovative solutions that help people and the environment, and make the world a better place to live. In order to learn more about our latest innovations designed for emergency situations and discuss investment opportunities, please contact us on our customer experience page.