Connecting with Our Customers all over the world with Virtual Reality from Alicante and Sao Paulo

Are you ready to dive into a world of real-time experiences? Well then we would like to welcome you to an extraordinary era of interaction! We are pushing the boundaries of innovation with our immersive Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences in our Customer Experience Centres in Alicante and São Paulo where you can experience interactive video calls and meetings with our experts through high-tech virtual reality.


Imagine stepping into a world where reality seamlessly merges with virtual realms, where possibilities are endless. At TESUP, we are at the forefront of the VR/AR revolution, revolutionising how our customers engage with products and services. Building upon this vision, we have established our innovative Customer Experience video centres in Alicante and São Paulo, marking a new step in our journey towards transforming the way people experience and interact with technology.


We offer our customers transformative experiences that go beyond traditional boundaries. With an aim of providing the best customer satisfaction, we are offering interactive virtual reality meetings. You can experience VR meeting rooms with customised video calls by our friendly and knowledgeable CX team (Amanda, Elene and Marta), operating from both Alicante and São Paulo.By leveraging the advanced technology and expertise found in these dynamic cities, we are prepared to provide you with an extraordinary online meeting experience that will completely revolutionise how you interact with our products.


With our team of dedicated VR/AR experts, you will have the chance to gain access to personalised guidance and extensive knowledge. Through real-time demonstrations, you'll be equipped to make informed decisions by experiencing our products in virtual environments that will transport you to another dimension.

Explore the limitless possibilities, redefine your interaction with our offerings, and witness firsthand how Virtual Reality is reshaping the future of interaction, benefit from quick responses, personalised assistance, and an elevated level of satisfaction through our local presence.


Let's take our relationship to new heights and explore the wonders of virtual reality together!