Celebrating Global Clean Energy Day with TESUP

On January 26, get ready to dive into the global celebration of Clean Energy Day! Here at TESUP, we're all about recognising the incredible power of clean energy to revolutionise lives and protect our beloved environment. Energy isn't just a thing – it's a game-changer that shapes our world.

To celebrate the International Day of Clean Energy, we’re excited to offer up to 40% off on our clean energy products. This is not just a discount; it’s an invitation for everyone to join the clean energy movement.

Curious about the profound impact of clean energy on our lives and the planet? Delve into the details by continuing to read!


Clean Energy for All:

Climate change is a pressing global concern, and it is crucial in the fight against harmful emissions. It doesn't only reduce carbon footprints but also helps communities without reliable power sources. Surprisingly, 675 million people,  primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa, still live without electricity.


Clean Energy Statistics

The connection between clean energy, socio-economic development, and environmental sustainability is vital. Lack of access to clean energy affects education, healthcare, and economic opportunities, especially in developing regions that still rely on polluting fossil fuels. Our commitment to clean energy is a step towards breaking this cycle.

With TESUP home wind turbines and solar panels, generating clean energy has never been easier. By getting a V7 vertical wind turbine or H7 horizontal wind turbine, you can power up your entire home, garden, or businesses while knowing you are protecting nature.


Our Educational Initiatives:

At TESUP, we believe education is a powerful tool for change. That's why we actively work with schools to educate the next generation about the benefits of clean energy. By raising awareness early on, we aim to inspire a sense of responsibility towards the environment and encourage sustainable practices.

Clean Energy: A Solution for the Planet

Burning fossil fuels for energy production contributes to greenhouse gases, leading to global warming. To combat climate change, we must shift away from fossil fuels and invest in clean, affordable, sustainable, and reliable energy sources.

The International Day of Clean Energy on January 26 calls for a just and inclusive transition to clean energy. It is a day to raise awareness about the power of clean energy for the benefit of people and the planet.

Join us in making clean energy accessible to all, improving lives, and protecting our planet with a special discount of up to 40%. Together, let's build a cleaner, brighter, and more sustainable world for everyone.