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At Tesup, we are on a mission to empower homes with innnovative wind turbines and solar panels, shaping a brighter, cleaner, and sustainable future together

Uk's Best Selling Clean Energy Products

Atlas Vertical Wind Turbine Generator (9 KW)

Magnum Horizontal Wind Turbine Generator (9 KW)

Flex Solar Panel (230 W)

Unmatched Power & Efficiency.

TESUP Wind Turbines: 9 KW Power Generation. Lowest Wind Speed Start. Superior Body and Protection.

See Why People Love TESUP

"TESUP's V7, has been a game-changer. Its design and performance make it a standout product. I installed it in my backyard,  it’s been generating a consistent supply of clean energy. It’s perfect for Wales as the winds in my hometown are quite strong.  It's amazing to see the positive impact I'm making. "

- David L. from Wales, UK

“I’ve been looking into sustainable actions I could take when I came across TESUP’s impressive website. After other renewable energy companies, TESUP felt like a breath of fresh air. H7 exceeded expectations with its power and elegance. I feel at peace when I think of my contribution to the environment.”

- Alex C. from Scotland, UK

"I am very happy with my V7B wind turbine. It is a powerhouse when it comes to generating renewable energy. It is providing me with clean electricity even in moderate wind conditions. I recommend TESUP’s wind turbines to anyone looking to embrace sustainable living in today’s modern world."

- Emma M. from Sutherland, UK