Rising Energy Costs? Start selling your power!

Have you noticed an increase in already expensive utilities bills lately? Well the main culprit behind this rise is a dramatic rise in electricity bills, up by as much as 50% over last year!


This rise has been attributed to many factors, with increases in natural gas prices and delays to much needed electrical generation infrastructure projects worldwide being driving issues.

But this isn't all bad news, especially for TESUP customers. As electricity prices are higher, any electricity you can generate at your home and sell back to the grid will net you more profits than you could usually hope for!

So don’t delay, get a TESUP turbine up and spinning on your roof to take advantage of these high electricity prices, reducing your turbine’s return on investment time. Avoid spending extra money on your electricity with the current high prices by generating your own!

Not sure which turbine to use or where to install it? Don’t let this stop you getting a turbine installed! TESUP can provide you with an architectural virtual service. If you provide TESUP with photos of your property, TESUP engineers can recommend which type of turbine to install and where.

If you would like some more information about this service please follow the link below!