Learn Why We Use “Gold” in our Wind Turbines

In the technology world, Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are like the brains of our devices. They’re what makes everything work. At TESUP, we’ve decided to step it further by using gold in our PCBs. Now, let’s talk about what PCBs are and why having them golden makes our products stand out.

Getting to Know PCBs:

First things first, what are PCBs? These little boards are like the central hub of electronic gadgets, making sure all the parts communicate with each other. At TESUP, we use them to power up our high-tech products.

The Benefits of Going Golden:

So, why gold? Here we explained:

1. Corrosion Resistance:

Gold doesn’t rust or corrode easily. This means our devices can handle all sorts of conditions without any damages. The gold plating on our PCBs acts as a shield, safeguarding the integrity of the circuit. 

2. Super Charged Conductivity:

Gold is one of the most conductive metals when conducting electricity. By coating our PCBs with gold over copper, we are ensuring our products work at their best, thereby optimising the flow of electrical signals. This translates to the devices that not only perform at their peak but also set a standard for efficiency in the technological landscape.

3. Solderability:

Reliable connections are the backbone of any electronic device, and here, gold takes the center stage. Gold is great for soldering - it sticks well, making sure our products stay put together. 

4. Bondability:

Gold is not just conductive; it’s great at bonding too. Gold wires and surfaces on our PCBs can undergo thermocompression bonding onto gold pads and traces. This process forms connections that are not only strong but also resilient, ensuring the structural integrity of the device even in dynamic operating conditions.


So, in simple terms, TESUP products have this extra power - gold-infused PCBs. It’s not just about looking luxurious, it’s about making sure our products last, work great, and are a bit special. As you dive into the tech world with TESUP, know that our golden PCBs are there to make sure you get the best blend of style and performance. TESUP is the only home wind turbine that comes with this quality and technology. And now all our wind turbines are on holiday sale. Don’t miss this opportunity. Explore now!