Introducing the most sustainable truck to date: TESUP Power Truck!
At TESUP, we come up with new innovative solutions every day to accelerate the world's transition to renewable energy. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. And today, we're proud to introduce our newest design concept: TESUP Power Truck, our new electric truck full of power and possibilities!
Imagine a world where electricity is never out of reach and it's generated in a sustainable way, even in the case of extraordinary events or circumstances such as natural disasters, accidents, wars or other emergency situations that cause disruption to energy supply. New TESUP Power Truck is designed to be the new sustainable solution to provide clean energy whenever and wherever needed.
Countries still remain connected to fossil fuels, subsidising oil, coal and gas causing air pollution and global warming. The Power Truck is another innovative design from TESUP to help individuals, organisations and governments to cut emissions and avoid worse happenings. It combines our energy generation and storage products together using a fully electric truck as a platform which makes our solution 100% self-sufficient and mobile. Wind and Sun are all this intelligent truck needs.
In TESUP Power Truck, our most powerful wind turbines and flexible solar panels are connected to a huge 500kWh Li-on battery to generate and store energy that can supply electricity for homes, villages, hospitals, concert areas and any other places where a big energy source is needed.
Our new futuristic solution to save money, reduce your carbon print and get ready for potential power outages in the near future.
U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA and few of the world's most developed armies have already switched to sustainable energy with TESUP. You and your organisations can participate in this change and help save the Earth too.
Stay tuned, more to follow on TESUP Power Truck and our new innovative products!