How many wind turbines would you need to power a house?

This is a tricky question! There are many different factors that affect the number of wind turbines needed to power your house.

We will take the average power consumption of a UK house: 250kWh per month this represents the total energy your house uses within a month.


Installing one AtlasX 750W wind turbine would, if constantly spinning at its rated speed, generate 540kWh per month! Unfortunately the wind is not that predictable. Wind cannot be expected to be constantly blowing with enough speed to turn your wind turbine.

So we need to work out a capacity factor for the wind turbine: the percentage of time the turbine is expected to spin in a way that generates power. To do this we have to look at historical UK maps of wind speed and availability.

Due to the AtlasX having an excellent minimum speed of 4 m/s and good blade design, the AtlasX has a good capacity factor of about 30% in most areas of the UK.

This means we can expect the ideal power generation at the AtlasX’s rated power of 750W 30% of the time. As a result about 160kWh can be generated by a single turbine! Meaning only two AtlasX turbines would be needed to power the average household.


There are a few other factors to consider so make sure you do your own wind turbine calculations for your application:

The wind will likely be stronger in the colder months and weaker in the summer months leading to less power generated. Although you could potentially generate more energy when the wind is stronger to use when the wind is weaker, this leaves your system reliant on batteries which are expensive and not 100% energy efficient. Consider looking into TESUP’s Flexible Solar panels to give your system a boost in these summer months!

Your energy needs might differ from the average for example if you have a larger house that requires more heating, lighting, ect…

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