Happy New Year

Congratulations everyone, we have successfully completed one more year!

2022 was such a year with energy crisis, wars, natural disasters… Of course not everything was as bad as it sounds. We also had a great time with our loved ones.

For us, we had new websites and locations, new products, new colleagues and new workshops, new mobile applications on Google play and Apple store. We doubled the manufacturing workforce internationally and we attended 4 important exhibitions all over the world. We started free renewable energy lectures and after sales consultancy services. We had a record tax payment in Germany.


With every year passing by, most of us feel complicated, such as feeling joy and sadness at the same time. It is the nature of humans, we celebrate a new year with new hopes at the same we miss the past years.

Let’s believe in this new year with all our hearts! Remember to always call for the good :)

We will have new products to meet you in the new year such as HERA, ATLAS7, ATLASX7 wind turbines, Tesup Power Truck. We will manufacture wind turbine charge controllers in the UK.

2023 will come with all the success, health and happiness. And we will always be with you dear Tesup family. Let’s make 2023 a more sustainable and cleaner year together!

Don’t forget to make new year resolutions.


We wish all the best for the new year!