Corporate Responsibility at TESUP

In an era where corporate social responsibility is becoming increasingly important, TESUP stands out as a shining example of a company that places the betterment of society and the environment at the core of its business practices. TESUP’s commitment to corporate social responsibility extends to various initiatives around the globe, including providing aid during emergencies, supporting sports academies, and driving sustainability projects in Africa. With a focus on sustainability, education, and innovation, TESUP is actively contributing to a greener and more inclusive future.


Supporting UNICEF: Aid in Emergencies


TESUP’s commitment to corporate social responsibility extends beyond renewable energy education. We actively support UNICEF’s work in emergencies and humanitarian contexts worldwide. With a focus on children who are most affected by conflicts and disasters, we aim to provide life-saving support during and crises. By supporting UNICEF, we demonstrate our dedication to helping the most vulnerable children around the globe.


Empowering Children: Education and Renewable Energy


As TESUP, we recognize that educating children about renewable energy is crucial for shaping their values and inspiring them to make sustainable choices. By funding social responsibility projects and providing solar panels to schools like Vineyard School in England, we offer hands-on experiences and show children the benefits of renewable energy. By investing in the education of children, TESUP is nurturing a generation that values and actively participates in the transition to cleaner energy sources. We also understand the importance of sports in the development of young individuals. By supporting Kerem Gonlum Basketball Academy in London, TESUP is investing in the future of sports and nurturing the talents of young athletes. Through this partnership, we show our commitment to empowering youth and promoting physical and mental well-being through sports.

Renewable Energy Aid: Providing wind turbines in earthquake zones

TESUP goes beyond financial contributions and extends support to areas affected by natural disasters. By providing wind turbines to earthquake zones, we aid in the restoration of energy infrastructure and facilitates a greener recovery process. This initiative showcases our commitment to using its expertise in renewable energy to help communities in need.

Sustainability Initiatives: From Production to Packaging


At TESUP, we take a comprehensive approach to corporate sustainability within its own operations. We actively strive to minimise our environmental impact through various sustainable practices. We avoid non-recyclable materials in its production and packaging, opting for plywood boxes instead of paper ones. This choice not only reduces waste but also provides customers with reusable storage solutions. Additionally, our decision to digitise user manuals through QR codes reduces paper consumption and contributes to the fight against deforestation.

Internal Sustainability Awareness and Actions

We understand that corporate starts from within. We actively educate and encourage our staff to adopt sustainable practices in their personal and professional lives. By promoting sustainability as a way of living, we aim to create a culture of environmental consciousness among our employees.

Green Operations: Working towards 100% renewable energy

We are committed to walking the talk when it comes to renewable energy. By the end of 2024, we plan to become 100% independent, ensuring that our workshops and operations are powered solely by green energy sources. This ambitious goal showcases TESUP’s dedication to leading by example and driving the transition to clean energy.

TESUP’s commitment to corporate responsibility sets a commendable standard for businesses across the globe. Through our focus on renewable energy education, support for humanitarian initiatives, aid in disaster-stricken areas, and internal sustainability practices, TESUP demonstrates its determination to make a positive impact on society and the environment. By empowering children, supporting sustainable projects, and driving innovation in the renewable energy sector, TESUP is playing a crucial role in shaping a greener, more sustainable future for all.