Atlas 2.0 is getting an upgrade!

Atlas 2.0 is one of TESUP’s most popular wind turbines, it is certainly a popular option for anyone looking for a vertical wind turbine!

TESUP wants to get as much performance out of this special TESUP turbine as possible to make it more and more efficient and generate more and more electricity for its users as a result.

So TESUP will be investing in the future of the Atlas 2.0 by creating the ‘TESUP Atlas 2.0 Powered by TESUP 5kW’. The new version of this classic turbine will feature a 5kW TESUP 3 three-phase generator!

The new directly driven generator will reduce the friction presented by the current gearboxes and allow the wind turbine to spin under lower wind speeds!
If you are interested in seeing these new generators in action TESUP has just released some new videos of the generators undergoing a power generation trial!


Unfortunately this does come at an additional cost to the original turbine. However TESUP thinks this investment will be worth it in the long run! Keep an eye out for more information and updates on this latest development!