The Power of the Wind

Everyone knows about this air motion called wind. You can feel it on your face when it's slight or see its strength crushing everything around.

Wind as a valuable source of energy has been exploring by the engineers and the researchers for a long time. Hopefully a lot has been done but we are still keeping to search how to use the wind power effectively, safely and affordable.

TESUP makes its contribution to the wind energy researches and creates the video animation illustrating the wind speed scales in m/s. This video also can help you to understand easily what is the wind speed at your region and what kind of the wind turbine you need. As a simple tip: TESUP Vertical Wind Turbines start charging at 7 m/s ( proceeding power generation at 4 m/s) while our Horizontal Wind Turbines - at 3 m/s.

Wind power has the potential to ease the world’s dependence on fossil fuels and to help clean up the environment. It's worth its efforts.

Enjoy watching!