Electric Vehicle charging with TESUP turbines!
A new age of transportation is dawning. Countries and companies across the world are racing to replace current fossil fuel powered vehicles with cleaner alternatives. The energy source primed to take the combustion engine’s place as most popular is battery powered electric vehicles.
Great! You say, much less pollution will be spewed out by cars over the years, reducing the impact of personal transportation on the environment. Unfortunately it isn't quite so simple. Electric vehicles are only as clean as their source of electricity. For example if the electricity you charge your electric vehicle with is generated in a coal driven power plant, then many harmful emissions were generated to power your vehicle.
This is where TESUP turbines come in! By using the power of the wind, no emissions are released in the process of generating electricity. Making TESUP turbine power generation a clean, green source of energy. So you can use your electric vehicle emission free!
What’s more is TESUP has a range of electrical management systems, including a recently improved charge controller, to help you manage your electricity and pair well with your TESUP turbine.
The equipment you need to successfully charge your electric vehicle is shown in the video below! For this setup all you need connected to your turbine is a charge controller followed by a grid inverter to allow your power to be transferred through the grid to your electric vehicle!