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Our products are all powerful solutions for generating clean energy. They each have unique features to cater to your specific needs. Let's explore those differences.

  • Flex Solar Panel (230 W)

See Why People Love TESUP

"V7 wind turbine has been a fantastic addition to my renewable energy system. It is designed to capture the wind from any direction, allowing me to generate power consistently. TESUP has undoubtedly provided me with an efficient way to contribute to a greener, cleaner future and still save money."

- Jamie from Victoria, AU

"I recently installed the TESUP V7B  and it has been a game-changer for my energy needs. This wind turbine is a marvel of engineering. It initially shocked me the amount of electricity the wind turbine generates. It’s amazing how it allows me to power my home with clean, renewable energy."

- Kim W. from New South Wales, AU

"TESUP's wind turbines and solar panels have been a revelation. H7 went beyond my expectations providing a steady supply of renewable energy. FLEX on the other hand,  is highly efficient and durable, it withstands the various weather conditions of Australia. Such quality products, can’t wait to try another TESUP product"

- George B. from South Australia, AU