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Our products are all powerful solutions for generating clean energy. They each have unique features to cater to your specific needs. Let's explore those differences.

  • Flex Solar Panel (230 W)

See Why People Love TESUP

"I am very impressed with TESUP's products. I've combined H7 with the FLEX solar panel.  It's incredibly empowering to generate my own clean electricity (pun intended). My products are efficient, and it was very easy to install them. If you're serious about sustainable living, TESUP is the company to trust!"

- Jonathan D. from Nova Scotia, CA

“My TESUP product has paid for itself in just a few months of use. I have one V7 at home. I have noticed a significant decrease in my carbon emissions since installing it. Now considering getting another wind turbine , maybe even 2. Why not be even  more sustainable?”

- Christine M. from Ontario, CA

"I can't say enough good things about TESUP. Their products have transformed my daily life. With the V7B wind turbine, I've been able to use wind power and significantly reduce my reliance on the grid. Now I am energy independent and sustainable at the same time."


 - David L. from Alberta, CA