TESUP's 2023 Journey of Resilience, Innovation, and Global Impact in Sustainable Energy

TESUP looks back on 2023, a year marked by remarkable achievements in many areas. Despite facing adversities such as escalating heatwaves, economic crises, and the disappointing outcome of Cop28 in Dubai, TESUP remained committed to the mission of making the world a better place through sustainable energy solutions.

So what achievements have we achieved in 2023, what success stories have we created and what benefits have we brought to the world? Let's take a closer look!

TESUP’s 2023 Achievements and Impact:

  1. TESUP V7 - World’s Most Advanced Home Wind Turbine: 

We proudly introduced the V7, the most advanced home wind turbine globally. This high-tech technology product continues to break sales records while leading innovation in the renewable energy sector. The most powerful generator combined with the smartest technology makes the V7 one of the most user-friendly everyday products for environmental enthusiasts. 

  1. Exponential Customer Growth:

TESUP surpassed the milestone of 100.000 customers, showcasing the increasing adoption of our products worldwide. The trust and loyalty of our customers inspire us to continue delivering top-notch sustainable energy solutions. Now we have customers in more than 70 countries and we are growing this number every single day.

  1. Global Recognition from Tech and Auto Giants:

TESUP gained attention from major technology and automotive brands worldwide, leading to promising partnerships. World giants are now approaching TESUP proactively and want to become a TESUP customer. This recognition reinforces our position as the leader in the renewable energy industry.

  1. Expansion and New Offices:

We expanded our global presence by opening a second U.S. office in Miami, complementing the existing California office. Additionally, the establishment of a new R&D office and shipment centre in Alicante, Spain, along with  manufacturing operations in Macedonia, underscores our commitment to global accessibility and innovation in the clean energy sector.

  1. Revolutionising the Industry with TESUP IoT and My TESUP App:

In the continuous pursuit of revolutionising the renewable energy industry, TESUP introduces a groundbreaking integration of technology in the TESUP IoT, a game-changing innovation that enables users to control home wind turbines directly from their smartphones through “My TESUP App”. This technological leap not only enhances the overall user experience but also aligns seamlessly with TESUP's vision for smart, sustainable energy solutions. Our innovative approach allows users to integrate their wind turbines into the app through QR codes, each uniquely linked to a specific serial number. 

  1. iF DESIGN AWARD Recognition:

The TESUP V7 achieved recognition as a finalist in the prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD, highlighting the exceptional design and functionality of  the V7 wind turbine. iF DESIGN AWARD is a reputable design award that is highly recognised worldwide and is only awarded to innovative products that make a real difference in the field of technology and design. This acknowledgement reaffirms our unwavering commitment to excellence in every aspect of our offerings.

  1. Educational Initiatives and “The Book”:

TESUP’s impact extended beyond product development. We published  “The Book”, serving as an all-in-one guide and educational resource for renewable energy enthusiasts. We are also actively working on giving renewable energy lectures in schools and creating a rich resource on renewable energy by creating an extended version of the book for students. This commitment to education aligns with our mission to empower individuals in embracing sustainable practices.

  1. Employee Growth and Recognition:

Our employees are our success. With this understanding, we consistently prioritise the development and motivation of our team. Through initiatives such as executive education at renowned institutions like MIT, we invest in their professional growth. However, our commitment extends beyond traditional approaches. We've implemented unexpected and exciting activities not just in education but also in boosting motivation. For instance, we've organised extraordinary experiences, such as the unforgettable Bali holiday draw. These initiatives underscore our dedication to going above and beyond, creating an environment where our employees flourish both professionally and personally.


Despite all the global challenges, we remained strong, moved forward with the goal of creating a sustainable future, grew stronger and achieved new successes. The global challenges only strengthened our determination to innovate, expand, and contribute to a cleaner and greener world. With a focus on the future, TESUP eagerly anticipates another year of success, breakthroughs and positive impact. Stay tuned for further innovations and advancements in the journey towards a sustainable tomorrow!