TESUP turbines just keep getting better! Atlas X blade update

In a continued effort from TESUP’s manufacturing team one of TESUP’s classic turbines is receiving an update!

The classically styled Atlas X turbine is swapping out its old blades for new ones! These new blades are approximately double the size of the old blades and protrude from the casing, increasing the cross sectional area of the front of the wind turbine.

Increasing the cross sectional area of the turbine blades means the turbine can ‘catch’ more wind per revolution.

By increasing the wind caught per revolution the blades are pushed with a greater force, leading to a higher rotational velocity and therefore more rotations per minute (RPM).

A higher RPM is great for power generation. Generally the faster the turbine can spin the stator of the turbine, the more electricity is generated for use in your home!

What’s more, the new blades look great! This new design will have your neighbours asking after their very own Atlas X! Watch our just released video!
If you are interested in this new piece of TESUP technology, you’re in luck! The new Atlas X blades will be shipping with every new Atlas X purchase from today!