We love business trips at TESUP and always make them extraordinary

Exciting Journey to Factories and Workshops

Last week, our enthusiastic team members embarked on an exciting journey to visit some of our factories and workshops. At TESUP, we understand the significance of firsthand experience in the production process. With various departments and expertises, including remote workers, we regularly organize gatherings and trips to foster collaboration and innovation.


As a pioneering clean energy solutions company, we believe in breaking away from traditional norms even when it comes to business trips. We are passionate not only about what we do, generating and providing sustainable energy solutions, but also about creating unforgettable moments and experiences for our team.


During our recent business trip, we efficiently accomplished our objectives, testing solar panel manufacturing technologies, and then it was time for some well-deserved relaxation. So, we decided to seize the opportunity to indulge in a fun windsurfing adventure! After this team engagement activity, we experienced authentic food testing having a warm welcoming to our CX Director.


TESUP places immense value on cultivating a thriving business environment, and one of our core principles is to prioritize our people. We understand that their happiness and satisfaction are integral to our success as a company.


Witnessing the joy and contentment on the faces of our team members at the end of the day is a constant reminder of why we love what we do. Happy employees contribute to the growth and prosperity of a business, and at TESUP, we remain committed to nurturing such an atmosphere.


At TESUP, we are not only shaping a greener future with our innovative solutions but also fostering a work culture that cherishes experiences, teamwork, and the well-being of our remarkable team members.