TESUP Strengthens Raw Material Supply on International Scale!

New Supply Chain Processes for Generator Manufacturing

As part of our aggressive expansion plan in line with the increasing demand for our products, we proudly announce the establishment of new supply chain processes focused on supplying raw materials for the wind turbine generator manufacturing in Macedonia.

Manufacturing Hub in Macedonia:

We are strategically positioning Macedonia as a key manufacturing hub for wind turbine generators. The favourable conditions and logistical network in the region within Eastern Europe will enhance efficiency in production, assembly processes, and shipments.

 Expansion of Operations on an International Scale:

With this visionary move, we’re further expanding our operations and supply of raw materials  on an international scale. This initiative ensures a steady and reliable flow of essential components to support our growing production demands. By focusing on international raw materials supply and manufacturing opportunities, we are poised for sustained success and growth in the dynamic and ever-evolving renewable energy sector.