Roof Installations for Wind Turbines

"Where to install a Wind Turbine?"  "On the roof, with tower or using a pole?" usually these are the questions once you already know what kind of Wind Turbine you want and the second step in TESUP Your step by step guide to buying a wind turbine!

Searching for a place to install a wind turbine and get the maximum power require some knowledge and practise to make it successful. TESUP engineers gathered the most common cases and precious recommendations to use the minimum space with the maximum benefit in the process Wind Turbine Installation process.

There are two types of Wind Turbines that we will zoom in: horizontal and vertical.

First let's see the requirements for the installation of horizontal wind turbines and potentially good places for the mounting.

Horizontal Wind Turbines: MAGNUM5 and MasterX

Note: TESUP Mounting Pole or any other mounting pole is required. 

If your mounting pole is higher than 1410 mm, the wire ropes should be used. At least 3 ropes to hold the whole construction during high wind speeds. Additionally you need to think how to make it to be easily reached for the storm condition to disassemble the turbine to the ground. 

Having a roomy balcony can be also a place for your WT. 

In this case you need to put it higher to avoid turbulence areas, meaning chaotic wind flows. For horizontal wind turbines constant change of wind direction will damage its generator. 

Close to the low wall 

Drilling the holes in the wall and mounting the wind turbine pole with the screws.

Case Study

Imagine this is your house. Where would you put a Wind Turbine? Choose a place and let's proceed.

For example you choose one of these spots: roof and chimney. Let's see which one is correct?


The right answer is the second one. On the chimney. Firstly the roofing tiles as the base for the mounting pole is not a good option as a flat surface is required for the TESUP pole. Secondly the more open space without buildings, trees or any other obstacles preventing wind flow you have the more energy you will harvest.


Vertical Wind Turbines: Atlas4.0, AtlasX

Atlas4.0 and AtlasX mounting base has screw holes and base mounting pole. You don’t need to do any change with the wind turbine. Any type of flat surface on the roof can be used as a mounting spot.

Some examples of roof installation of Atlas2.0 and AtlasX Wind Turbines.

In case you have any doubts, TESUP offers a handy service to help you with the best placement for a Wind Turbines and Flexible Solar Panels.