Let's meet in our Renewable Energy Lectures to learn all the details!

Since we received great feedback from our customers, we will continue to share our knowledge with hundreds of customers!

You can join Amanda, our successful lecturer, in these free courses.

In these lectures there will be basic information about the products such as installation, types of wind turbines they need and how much electricity they can generate with these systems. Additionally you can learn more about Tesup flexible solar panels and their connections.

Module 1: Types of Wind Turbines

  • Types of Wind Turbines

  • How does it work?

  • Horizontal Wind Turbines

  • Vertical Wind Turbines

  • Which one to choose for my home?

Module 2: Flexible Solar Panels

  • Overview of Solar Panels

  • How does it work?

  • Tesup Flexible Solar Panels

  • On Grid solar system

  • Off Grid solar system

  • Hybrid solar system

Module 3: On Grid, Off Grid connections and Hybrid connections

  • On Grid wind system

  • Off Grid wind system

  • Hybrid wind system

  • Mixed system connections (Wind + Solar)

  • Compatibility with existing systems

Module 4: Assembly, installation, and calculation of energy generation estimate

  • Assembly

  • Installation

  • Series and Parallel connection

  • Average Wind Speed

  • And calculation of power generation estimate

You can obtain a certificate after attending all 4 modules which is every Thursday. If you don’t register yet, you can register with the link below and you can be an expert in renewable energy as well!