Hundreds of TESUP's Cutting-Edge V7 Wind Turbines Shipped Worldwide Every Day

Every day, hundreds of V7 vertical wind turbines embark on a journey to environmentally conscious owners worldwide, marking a significant stride in our commitment to a greener planet. Crafted with precision and boasting a thousand components, including a distinctive golden PCB, the V7 vertical wind turbine stands as a game changer in renewable energy, redefining the future of sustainable living.

Our V7 wind turbine is more than just the result of research and development; it’s a one-of-a-kind technological innovation. With a commitment to excellence, we’ve increased our manufacturing capacity, ensuring that hundreds of thousands V7 wind turbines reach on each continent every day. This is not just a promise, it is a tangible reality towards a greener planet.

Power and Customisation

Capable of generating up to 7KW of power and providing a daily energy output of up to 168 kWh, the V7 is the world’s premier vertical wind turbine. Customised blade options make it adaptable to various wind conditions, ensuring optimal performance.  But the V7 vertical wind turbine is more than efficient; it is a design masterpiece, seamlessly blending function with elegance.

Smart Connections for You

Step into a world where the artistry of design meets the IoT function. Embracing the IoT technology in our products, each wind turbine becomes part of a network, optimising performance based on real-time data. Real-time adjustments ensure the most efficient energy production possible.  

The Golden Touch

Our excellence is evident in every detail, including the golden PCB. Beyond a touch of luxury, gold adds superior conductivity and strength. It is another symbol of our dedication to using the finest materials without compromise.

Join us in this journey towards a greener, more sustainable future. The V7 vertical wind turbine isn’t just a smart connected marvel; it’s a symbol of a harmonious blend of expertise and environmental consciousness. Welcome to a world where every breeze carries the promise of a cleaner, brighter tomorrow.